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Tutorial: SOKP (Sonic Open Kang Project) | Rom | 5.1.1 | Falcon |Official

Discussão em 'Fórum do Motorola Moto G 2013' iniciado por Matheus Jesus, Agosto 31, 2015.

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    • Downloads:
    Por favor, Entre ou Cadastre-se para ver os Links
    Por favor, Entre ou Cadastre-se para ver os Links

    • Features:

    Clock & Date with custom definable location and styles along with selectable custom colors
    Customizable Status bar Battery icon with percentage .
    Status Bar Brightness control
    Option to Enable & Disable Network Activity Arrows
    Double Tap to sleep option on status bar
    Status Bar Task Manager

    Quick Settings :

    26 user Selectable Quick Setting tiles including Ambient Display,Nav Bar ,Slim Actions, Live Display, Gesture Anywhere ,Battery Saver & App circle bar tile.
    Switch to Disable & Enable Enlarge view of first row tiles.
    Option to Set four Tiles In a row of quick Settings.
    Switch to enable/disable vibration on tile touch.
    Switch to enable/disable Brightness Slider.
    Options to add max 3 actions in Slim Action tile.
    Configurable QS Quick Pull down .
    Configurable QS Smart Pull down.

    Animation Controls:

    IME Animations
    Over Scrolling Effects
    Toast Animations
    List View Animations
    AOKP System Animations
    Option to Enable/Disable Scrolling Cache
    Scrolling Modifiers.

    Navigation Bar

    Switch to Enable/Disable onscreen navigation bar
    Navigation Bar buttons large number of buttons provided including Screenshot, power menu, custom application buttons etc.
    Navigation bar dimensions
    option to select menu location
    Switch to enable/disable landscape view of navigation bar.

    Hardware Buttons:

    Switch to enable/disable hardware key buttons
    Buttons back light option
    Option to hide/show/auto detect overflow button
    Customizable key actions including normal press,long-press, double-tap actions for back,home and menu key.


    More them 10+ user configurable power menu options this includes bellow mentioned buttons
    Screen Shot ,Screen recorder, Advanced reboot, Custom Application, users

    PIE Control :

    Switch to enable/disable pie control
    Configurable various number of buttons including button style and button second layer
    User configurable button styles with trigger option , custom color,transparency ,and size
    Option to configure menu visibility in pie controls

    Display Settings :

    User configurable brightness settings along with adaptive brightness .
    Display sleep settings from 15 sec to 30 min including 45 sec step.
    Expanded Desktop with per application configuration
    LCD Density Settings
    En chased font size slider
    Auto Display rotation with all rotations angles including 180 degrees .
    Screen Cast
    Custom Display options like volume rocker wake ,wake on charger plugged/unplugged .Double tap to wake (supported devices only)
    Ambient Display with Advanced Doze options including Doze pulse .

    Live Display:

    Live Display modes
    Color temperature Settings
    Switch to enhance colors
    Color calibration including RGB sliders

    Gesture Anywhere &vApp Circle Bar :

    Switch to enable/disable Gesture anywhere & app circle-bar along with tile on QS
    Option to set gesture location, trigger width ,height, position

    Recents Panel :

    Switch to select slim and stock recents panel
    Custom background ,text color option in slim recents
    option to show/hide topmost task in slim recents
    Configurable recents applications size in slim recents

    Sounds & Notifications

    Enable/disable camera shutter sound
    Enable/disable safe headset volume
    swap volume buttons when screen is rotated
    Volume steps
    less frequent notification sounds can be configured from 3sec 5 mins
    User configurable per application notifications
    Notification lights with custom color options for missed cal ,voice mails etc [only supported devices ]
    Battery light with custom color option [only supported devices] for battery low,charging, pulse if battery low, and fully charged lights
    Heads Up Notifications with Snooze timer and time out options .

    Security & Lockscreen :

    Privacy Guard
    Smart lock
    Double tap to sleep anywhere on lock-screen
    Show/hide advanced reboot
    Hide quick settings on secured lock-screen
    Lock Screen Shortcuts

    Other Options :

    Dolby Digital and Digital plus as standalone sound controllers.
    Layers RRo 2.1 with orion to launch layer manger from Settings
    Wake Lock Blocker
    Screen Recorder with external audio , video-size, and bit rate options.
    Custom application settings menu with privacy guard .Appops settings
    Configurable media scanner behavior on boot.
    Device partition info on Storage settings.
    Option to hide super user indicator.
    Disable FC notification
    Kill apps back button with configurable time option
    Option to show CPU info on Development settings
    Custom colors for battery saver and trigger options
    Advanced Keyboard options like auto rotation with time out,disable full screen keyboard ,volume key cursor control.

    Still list continues .................................
    • Instalação:
    1. Faça o download da Rom e Gapps;
    2. Coloque ambos em sua memória interna;
    3. Reinicie em modo Recovery;
    4. Full Wipe (Wipe Data/Cache/Dalvik/System)
    5. Instale a Rom;
    6. Instale os Gapps;
    7. Rebbot
    • Update:
    1. Coloque ROM e GAPPS seu Armazenamento interno;
    2. Reinicie em modo de Recuperação;
    3. Flash ROM;
    4. Dê Dalvik e Cache;
    5. Reinicie;
    Fonte e Changelog: Por favor, Entre ou Cadastre-se para ver os Links, Por favor, Entre ou Cadastre-se para ver os Links
    Jefferson hoffmeister curtiu isso.

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